Dangerous Attitudes and Letting Go

This article is all about learning how to let go in the face of dangerous attitudes that cause people pain and suffering.

Now let’s look at another level of sacrifice – letting go of attitudes that prevent us from progressionLetting go of attitudes is just as important as letting go of unhealthy activities or saying goodbye to people who deter our progress. In fact, unless you let go of certain attitudes, your physical letting go won’t last as long either.  This way of thought is related to the inner power step of purity.  When you let go of a negative attitude that is rooting for you to fail, that is preventing you to become who you want to be, you are also cleansing your world of a negative habit pattern that has kept you prisoner to limited thinking and limited living.  


It’s a typical misinterpretation that most of our attachments center on objects or people.  The truth is that our attitudes and feelings about objects are more binding than the objects themselves.  For example, we may become attached to an object, person, or situation (even if we complain about it day after day) because we enjoy feeling comfortable and safe, we fear change, and we don’t have the bravery to take charge on our own.  Maybe we stay with an overbearing boyfriend, girlfriend, or employer, even though doing so is keeping us stuck in the exact place we don’t want to be.  In situations like these, fear is the real attachment mechanism, not the person.


If all of a sudden those individuals are removed from our lives but we still have not let go of our underlying fears and have not developed the strength to stand up for ourselves, we’ll just become attached to the next tyrannical boyfriend or girlfriend or employer that comes our way – and continue to complain about them.  That’s because the thoughts we keep in our mind rule over us as long as we allow them to stay there, and they continue to produce the same results.


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