Planning the Future

My martial arts training and exposure to Dr. Kim’s fighting spirit and drive has been instrumental in my career. She practices what she calls future memory: you believe so much in what you will make happen that it does happen.  As Dr. Kim teaches and demonstrates, your thoughts become your reality. Everyone wants to have control over their time and freedom, but without taking care of your mind and body, you won’t have the focus and energy to. I continue training hard in martial arts to give me the energy and focus to ensure Lighthouse, the Jung SuWon martial arts school, and all our endeavors remains successful.

As Lighthouse continues to grow, our responsibility is to think about succession planning. Who are the next people in line and how do you train them? We are in the process of developing them, which is freeing me to do other things. We are also planning new products to make the company continue to expand. We are working on new technology in new markets. We are looking at taking our technology outdoors, as well as into personal residences.

How companies can reinvent themselves and continue growing is at the top of our minds. Dr. Tae Yun Kim is leading the way. She is aware that if you don’t continuously grow, you die as a company.